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From Val Geisler August 18th, 2020

The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Better Email

B2B email doesn’t have to be boring. It's time to open up the possibilities of B2B email beyond the standard newsletter.

B2B email doesn’t have to be boring. In this workshop, we’ll talk about how to jazz up your B2B email strategy and better leverage your CRM data to improve your recipient relationships. We’ll take lessons from B2C email strategies and discuss how they can be applied to B2B relationships, see what B2B marketers can learn from ecommerce email, and open up the possibilities of B2B email beyond the standard newsletter.

You’ll learn how to:

· Explore new ways to use email as a B2B relationship tool

· Experiment with fresh email designs, strategies, and messaging for the B2B inbox

· Work within the Outlook inbox

Who should come?

Email marketers, data-driven marketers, B2B marketers

Who should maybe skip this one?

B2C email marketers

Natalie Jackson is the Marketing Director for the emfluence Marketing Platform and for emfluence's Digital Marketing. She has nearly a decade of experience in B2B marketing and in digital marketing, including more than eight years of geeking out over all things email and marketing automation strategy. Natalie has spoken on email marketing, CRM strategy, and content marketing for storytellers at Digital Summit Kansas City and Digital Summit At Home, Microsoft Dynamics CRMUG Summit, emfluence’s And Then Some Conference, and for countless local marketing organizations.

*All classes are recorded and will be sent out to all registrants for those that can't attend live and/or want to rewatch over and over again (who wouldn't?!)

**By joining us for this class, you’ll also get free newsletters from Really Good Emails and Emfluence (if you aren't already). You can unsubscribe from either or both at any time.


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